Digitally Immerse Yourself 

As part of taking your career in data science seriously, you should try and surround yourself with as many different information and learning inputs. Try and build this into your lifestyle as best you can. This will most certainly involve spending your free time ingesting data science related content. As you slowly chip away at content you’ll start making connections between concepts without even realising, it may even happen on a subconscious level. 

The longer you immerse yourself, the more you’ll learn and the more likely you’ll stick at it for even longer… constantly being surrounded by data science related content will also act as daily reminders to keep learning and help prevent you from getting distracted and moving on to some other shiny project. 

A useful tactic here is to leverage the existing habits your brain has already set with social media. For example, the involuntary twitches making you open up Facebook when procrastinating, and replacing the not so useful content you were ingesting with data science related content. Liking, following and engaging DS groups and pages will fill your newsfeed with interesting data science related content.

Here are some ways you can immerse your digital life with data science information online. 

  • Podcasts and ebooks
  • Email newsletters 
  • Subscribe to subreddits, Facebook groups and forums
  • Follow data scientists / data science related accounts on Twitter and blogs
  • Watch films related to AI & data science 
  • Download apps that send you content recommendation notifications
  • Subscribe to YouTube channels