Learn from Free Videos

Some concepts in data science need to be explained to you in a clear and human way. Aside from having a tutor, mentor or teacher then the next best thing can be to watch a quality video explaining concepts to you. Luckily there are thousands of videos with varying degrees of quality explaining most of the important fundamentals. For example, you could type “How decision trees work” into YouTube, start at the top, if one video doesn’t make sense to you, you can simply try another video until you find someone who explains the concept in a way that you can understand. You get the added benefit of being able to pause a video and look up as you go along. I have found this a highly effective way to learn. Furthermore you can rewind sections of the video over and over again, going over anything that you may have missed. 

When I was learning, I created a table with important fundamental concepts and links to videos I found helpful explaining them.

Many paid online course platforms such as Udemy and Coursera, deliver lessons through video however much of the content is already available for free through YouTube and other platforms. Do some research and find a channel and platform that works for you.